Brook Haven Animal Sanctuary, Inc. is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation. EIN 81-124 187 3.

Welcome to Brookhaven Animal Sanctuary. This sanctuary will be unique, as we intend to relieve the community’s overburden of unwanted or unadoptable animals by exclusively taking animals from both shelters and 501(c)3 rescues exclusively!


To provide unadoptable animals in shelters a safe facility where they can be rehabilitated or live out their life. We are working on locating land centrally located in the Tri-county area, so we  will be able to service all 3 counties.

To educate the public on the care and the many programs available to help animals.

To provide spay and neuter education and veterinary services to the public.


Our intent is twofold. First, by taking in the unadoptable animals, we open up space for an adoptable animal. The funds that it would cost that shelter or rescue to care for that unadoptable animal are then freed up, thus making more funds available for other adoptable animals and educational animal programs.  To treat those animals that would normally be euthanized or warehoused, with dignity offering second chances to live a complete and happy life.

Second, to dedicate part of the sanctuary and have an area where animals that can be retrained to be specialty animals, i.e., Pets for Vets, service animals, depression companions, etc. to have a training area to develop these skills. It will also be for those that have behavioral reasons and have to be separated, and have an area where those animals can be retrained or live out their lives comfortably as well.

Buildings and structures:

Our intention is to locate property that already has facilities and structures on it, (i. e. an abandoned school, factory, warehouse, or public works). But, we have a plan in the event that such a property is not available.

In the event that undeveloped land is acquired, we plan to start with three prefab Quonset style structures. One would serve as one would serve as living quarters for the animals, another for living quarters for the staff, and the third, as both living quarters and clinic for our staff veterinarian.

Solar and wind power will be utilized as much as possible to make the sanctuary as self-sufficient as possible. Ideally, a storage building is also needed.

Eventually all these buildings will be either expanded, or permanently rebuilt. Ultimately the goal would be to have the entire property fenced in as well.


Please, don’t heistate to contact us. We are here to help.